Social Media for Insurance Agents, Brokers & Advisors

social media marketing for insurance agents


Social media for insurance agents has challenges. However, social media is now critical to the insurance business. The rewards you can reap on social media far outweigh the obstacles.

Social Media may seem like a game. Everybody is on Facebook arguing politics. Selfies are all over Instagram. LinkedIn to what? And what exactly is a Tweet, exactly? Most insurance agencies consider YouTube marketing as part of their Social Media profile, too. Where does your insurance agency fit into the maze of Social Media?

What is social media? has a clear definition of Social Media. Websites or other online communication platforms are used by large groups to share their information to develop social and business contacts. The definition mentions that businesses utilize social media in the sales process.

The key here is the fact that large groups of people use these social media platforms to develop and maintain both personal and professional contacts. Insurance agencies taking a practical approach to social media to ensure compliance, avoid potential pitfalls and reap the benefits.

Keeping your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google accounts brimming with new and engaging content drives traffic to your website. From there, you convert leads into appointments and sales. Unfortunately, most agencies are not interested in hiring a full-time Social Media Manager. It is ridiculously expensive to hire someone with the level of skills required, so insurance agents purchase expert social media packaged services for a few hundred dollars a month.

Why insurance agents should use Social Media

The biggest reason you should use Social Media is that your competition does. Just like having an ad in the Yellow Pages back when there were paper Yellow Pages. If you are not where people look, they can’t find you. Simple.

Plus, insurance sales have always been about connection. Agents make a connection with clients and their families. You discuss catastrophic situations, potential life problems and issues of daily living. You make connections in real life. The world now requires those connections to be maintained online. Your clients are online. They use Social Media. You need to be there with them.

How Social Media can improve your business

There was a time when people collected business cards, kept an address book or maintained a Rolodex. When they needed to look up who they know in any industry, they looked there. Plus, every household had a copy of the Yellow Pages, so a quick flip to “I” for Insurance, and they had a list of every agency in town.

Now, over 80% of your potential clients search online before they call you. They check for your Social Media presence. They look to see who you are, what you stand for, and what other people say about you.

The strategic use of Social Media Marketing allows you to differentiate your brand to your potential clients. This cascades into more attention, creating more leads, more appointments, more conversions and more sales.

We can help

Social Media marketing has enormous benefits. So, why doesn’t everyone do more of it? It’s hard. It’s time-consuming. Continually developing new content taxes even the most creative insurance agent. Plus, the technical aspects require expertise. Writing a blog on your own is like dieting. Everyone starts, and nobody does it forever.

Professional, strategic Social Media marketing services are available. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ accounts keep active with engaging content to drive traffic to your website. Your clients are informed with Social Media posts on your site every month. Custom graphics brand your agency with a professional image, and you can post yourself if you want.

Never again feel the dread of wondering what to post. When you have a great idea, write it up! Otherwise, let us take care of everything.

Contact us for more information about how your agency can use a strategic Social Media marketing plan to increase your business.