To understand why I created Insurance Agent Near Me, let’s look back, 2013, to the start of my career as an insurance agent.

Like most beginners, one of my first assignments was to list several people I know who might be interested in getting a quote for insurance. Starting with my family and friends, I was able to create a list of about 50 people.

Eventually, I had to expand that list so that I would have a funnel of people I could market myself to.

My entry level training in the beginning was helpful; however, the training was mostly focused on the technical side of insurance, and not on the details of how to consistently generate leads.

At the end of the day, the strategies were up to me. Sooner or later, I ran out of people to add to my list. Nonetheless, my sales trainer did say something that resonated with me.

He said, “If you do not prospect, your agency will perish.” The inspiration came from a 2005 book called Prospect or Perish: Make every sale second count by Steven D. Carroll, which was a reading material referred to us by him.

Being a self-marketed insurance agent was costly. Several lead generation methods that were supposedly guaranteed to work were unsuccessful. If you are unable to find solutions, you can either keep using the same ineffective methods, or resort to creating new ones.

Eventually, through trial and error, I learned the methods that work and the ones that didn’t.

Most insurance agents struggle with their online presence and knowing that the future of consumer search is online, creating a tool that addresses these challenges can help insurance professionals reach more people using the internet.

This prompted me to create Insurance Agent Near Me which has the capability of listing professionals from agents to brokers or financial advisors.

This tool currently works in the US and Canada, Insurance Agent Near Me is a user-friendly directory that provides consumers with an array of options when searching for insurance. Moreover, we knew marketing options shouldn’t stop with just a directory so we extended our reach to helping agents and brokers with websites, blogs, social media, SEO and branding.

With a robust tool like Insurance Agent Near Me, insurance advisors and consumers can easily connect with each other.

See you online!

Frank Medina, founder of IANM