Local SEO for insurance is only one of many vital components of successful online marketing strategies. This search engine optimization (SEO) process focuses on potential clients in your local area. With a local focus, people nearby find your agency online and then consider you as their insurance agent, broker, or financial advisor.

Successful SEO marketing campaigns for insurance involve researching specific popular keywords that target your area. This creates localized content to target the audience near you. Your business is promoted as a local authority for insurance services.

In this article, we examine:

  • What is a local SEO marketing campaign?
  • Why do insurance agents/ brokers look for help with local SEO?
  • What are the benefits of paying for local SEO services?
  • How do SEO services achieve results?

What is a local SEO marketing campaign?

A local SEO campaign is similar to any digital marketing process, except it adds your location as a keyword and a target for ads. Your message is seen by potential clients within a certain area that you choose. Decide how far you prefer to drive to visit clients, then you know your target area.

A local SEO insurance marketing campaign works for any size of insurance agency or financial advisor. The online advertising enables you to attract local clients, engage with your community, and then set the business up to be successful.

Why do insurance agents/ brokers look for help with local SEO?

The insurance industry is notoriously competitive. And chances are the best keyword choices are already pretty much used up by enormous insurers. So, as an insurance agent, broker, or financial advisor, you need to break into that online space. It doesn’t happen by accident. There is daily work necessary to create and maintain local SEO results. Simply, there isn’t enough time in the day to take care of the amount of technical and content work and do the job of an agent or broker.

These are a few reasons insurance agents, brokers, and financial planners look for help with local SEO.

  • Higher Rankings on Search Engine Result Pages
  • Increase Local Online Visibility
  • Convert More Qualified Leads
  • Capture Local Target Audiences
  • Add High-Quality Local Backlinks
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve the Reputation of your Agency
  • Informational Content

What are the benefits of paying for local SEO services?

Local SEO services help you to stay competitive in the industry in your area. Potential clients that find your website from an organic SEO search are far more likely to convert. These qualified leads actively seek information in a search, as compared to those passively exposed to broader types of advertising.

These potential clients view your website link after typing in specific keywords. These words are relevant to what they want and are prominent on your website. So, they specifically seek insurance rates, quotes, claim filings and whatever information you post on your site.

Digesting the information about SEO is overwhelming. However, that’s what a professional SEO service does. So, you don’t worry about all these new technical details. Your trusted local SEO insurance agency paves the way to success.

How do SEO services achieve results?

SEO strategies are difficult for insurance companies. Ranking high on the SERPs (search engine results pages) requires a keen understanding of local SEO processes. So, dominating PPC ads, capturing valuable local keywords, and using quality content to generate leads makes a huge difference to local SEO efforts.

There are three main reasons why it is so difficult to rank without an effective local SEO service.

  • Tough Agency Competition
  • Difficulty Ranking with Valuable Keywords
  • Extreme Lack of High-Quality Insurance Content Materials

Tough Agency Competition

You know how highly competitive the industry is, especially with marketing online. Insurance agencies use the most PPC ads because they face competition from large, established insurers that effortlessly invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on their PPC campaigns.

This leaves smaller, independent agencies at a distinct disadvantage, and it is undoubtedly more challenging to compete. As you compete for the same target audiences as those big companies, they loom larger on search engine results.

Outspending the competition is not a viable option, so developing an organic  strategy is even more critical.

Difficulty Ranking with Valuable Keywords

Your agency faces stiff local competition from insurance giants using a huge PPC ad budget to create leads. Broad insurance keywords like insurance agency or even more local keywords, mean you face an uphill battle.

With the professional implementation of an organic local SEO campaign, however, gives you a leg up on the competition over time. Pay per click advertising is often less effective than organic campaigns because the largest, most successful insurers sit comfortably at the top of search page results.  Because they simply have a continuous, longstanding stronghold on every most commonly searched keyword in the insurance industry.

Extreme Lack of High-Quality Insurance Content Materials

You may have learned that “Content is King,” and that’s especially true for SEO for insurance agents, brokers and financial advisors. You can’t get around it.

Without quality content describing products, services, and insights, users find nothing of value to differentiate you from competitors. So, you must continually publish robust, insightful, informative content. You can’t expect an increase in qualified leads and sales without an effective local content marketing SEO strategy.


Potential clients may lose sight of you if you lack valuable content, a well-optimized website, and a professional local marketing service. Then with local organic SEO, you attract users actively interested in your products.

This increases the chances of capturing better-qualified leads that convert into a client. So, to be successful, an organic local SEO strategy promotes broader brand awareness and visibility and offers high-value content consumers desperately seek.

Is it time to implementing a local insurance SEO campaign? Then, contact us for additional information and a free consultation. We specialize in services for insurance agents, brokers, and financial advisors of all sizes. You receive a custom plan focused on your local area, audience, trending searches and competition. Complete the form, so we will contact you shortly to discuss your situation.