Marketing for Insurance Agents, Brokers, Financial Advisors

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There was a time when marketing for insurance agents meant putting up a sign over the door, paying for a few ads in your favorite newspaper, and joining the local Chamber of Commerce. While you probably still need a sign, and the Chamber is a great idea, the newspaper may not even exist anymore. So, how do you reach potential clients now?

Just as people used to read newspapers regularly, they are now glued to their phones and computers. Forbes reports that the average American consumes five times more information than they did 50 years ago. Plus, we spend up to 12 hours a day staring at screens. So, to reach potential clients — go where the people are. Online marketing brings new clients and keeps the old ones.

What is marketing?

Marketing contains many elements, but they all have the same purpose. Marketing creates an atmosphere conducive to sales.

Potential clients have choices. Marketing makes sure your agency is one of those possible options. Potential clients can only choose from what they know. If there are 100 agencies in your town, and a prospective client only knows about five, the other 95 agencies will never get the business. Marketing makes sure you are one of those five. Exceptional strategic marketing makes sure you are number one of those five.

Some marketing efforts convert directly into sales. Other campaigns create leads. Marketing tools help each potential client take the next natural step toward making a purchase. You decide what impact you want your marketing to have.

Why insurance agents should use marketing

Insurance may be the most competitive industry there is. If not, it is a near thing. To capture a larger market share, you must stand out from the crowd. Develop a distinct brand identity through purposeful marketing strategies, so your potential (and current) clients see how you are different from the rest.

Today, clients buy insurance. They don’t want to be sold. Few find bulk-mail form letters impressive and response levels to newspaper ads are at an all-time low. Google and their friends answer their questions now. By the time they make the call to your agency, they pretty much know what they want and even how much they will pay for it.

Marketing for insurance agents provides information for potential clients to make decisions. Informed decisions. So, an insurance agent who provides helpful information, preneed, becomes the insurance agent to rely on, at-need. Simple enough. That’s what marketing does. It puts you in the running.

We can help

Marketing lines you up against your competitors. Strategic marketing differentiates your agency, so you stand out. You are not just a choice; you become the choice. That’s what we do.

Your strategic marketing campaign begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation. We delve into the competition, the market, and your offerings. It’s vital to know all the details to discover how to brand your agency.

Once the analysis is complete, we develop a plan using scientifically proven methods. Your marketing efforts focus where they have the most impact. Then, it is time to implement the plan.

A critical component of strategic marketing is ongoing analytics. At predetermined points in the campaigns, we check results, compare options and test approaches. The information collected throughout each phase forms the foundation for the next step of the strategy.

Marketing is a process, not an event. Marketing for insurance agents is a long-term project. You may see some results quite quickly, but that does not mean the job is done. That’s why Coca-Cola never stops marketing. And neither should you. Keep moving forward in your marketing efforts with expert advice and technical expertise.

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