Why should I sign up?

Because this is probably one of the best (ROI’s) return on investments you will experience. Your sales commission should be more than the price of one of our listings.

Let’s show you how…

John received a lead from Jenny who found him on our site. John sells Jenny a home insurance policy which turns out to be $1,000.00 a year in premium. John gets 12% commission on that policy. John just made $120 in commission. Now if John is good, he will explain the benefits of having Jenny switch her auto insurance at the same time too. Jenny agrees, and she buys auto insurance. Her auto policy premium is $1,000 a year. He makes 10% commission off that policy. He just made another $100. He made a total of $220.00 that day.

We understand insurance commission fee percentages can range anywhere from 5% to 90% depending on what agreement you have in place with your current carrier. The numbers used in the example shown above are very common and realistic.


What features are available in your business listing?

Dashboard – Impressive user dashboard to fully customize your profile

Map Display – customers will see a live map display showing where you are located. They can even use this map to get directions to your office

Contact Display – A place where you can list all your contact information

Profile Image  – Show your pride in ownership or service by uploading an image of your business location or picture of the owner.

Video – Create a welcome video or do a video tour of your office

Location – Enter your physical address. One location per listing.

Website – Get a link pointing back to your website

Social Links – Enter your social media links so people can find you online

Price Range – Enter price ranges to show how affordable you can be

Tags/Keywords – Enter insurance keywords on your listing to get found online

Business Hours – Show your hours of business here

Announcements – Have something new to share? Add your announcements here

Deals-Offers-Discounts – This option is great for promoting deals, offers or discounts on memberships, local events or merchandise you sell

Hide competitors Ads – Option to remove competitor’s ads from your profile

Events – Have an event coming up? Create an event to invite the people in your community

Reviews – Each listing has a review option for customers to leave a review

Lead Form – Listings have the option of having a built-in lead form

Claim – Claim your listing to get a verified badge

Share – You can share your profile link with the world

Bookmark – Save your listing with the bookmark option

Purchasing options – once a year


What makes your directory different from others?

Our insurance agent near me directory was built exclusively for insurance professionals working in the insurance industry.  When a customer visits our site, they have one thing in mind and that is finding an agent, so they can either buy a policy, get a quote or ask a question. The creator of this site knows what it takes to be successful because he has sold insurance policies himself.


Is this insurance directory limited to just the U.S.?

No. We welcome every insurance agent, financial advisor, producer, broker, carrier or association from all over the world to use, join and interact with our directory.


I already have a listing on here. Is more advertising available on your website?

Yes, we have the capability to place ads throughout our directory. Contact us for more information.


What type of services do these insurance professionals provide on your listings?

Personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance, home insurance, condo insurance, renter’s insurance, commercial property insurance, business insurance, general liability, workers compensation insurance, term life insurance, whole life insurance, variable life insurance, retirement planning, financial planning, umbrella insurance, jewelry insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, flood insurance, health insurance, annuities and more.


Are there any guarantees?

No. We are just the gap between you and the customer. Customers visit our site looking for a service. The customer is the one who selects which person or company to call.



Our services are very simple and straightforward so there will be no refunds once a purchase is made. Our cost is a small investment in growing your business.


How do I get started with adding a listing?

You can go back to the home page or just click here on the “Add Listing” url.


Do you offer any other services besides a business listing or ads campaign?

Yes, we also provide insurance marketing services for social media, blogging, content creation and (SEO) search engine optimization. Get in contact us with us and let us know what you need help with and we will create a plan to help you succeed.


What social media platforms are you on?

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Blogger, Snapchat


Find us on the internet by typing:

@insuranceagentnearme #insuranceagentnearme @insuranceagentn


We love your services and want to write a review, where do we go?

Here is the link to write a review: https://goo.gl/maps/L7sbHtXSg472


What is the cost to join your insurance agent directory?

Listing plan available

  • Pay $99.00 annually


How can I maximize my business listing?

First, make sure you claim your listing. Once inside your dashboard, make sure you fill out all the detail tabs. Make your profile interesting and non-spam like. Second, promote your listing by sharing your profile link all over social media. Consider running ads on our website to get higher visibility. Third, make sure to ask all your clients, “how did you hear about us” to track where your leads are coming from. When you get a lead, make sure you contact them as soon as possible and remember to provide great customer service. Fourth, follow and join us on social media.


What are your general use guidelines?

Here are some basic rules to follow when using our site:

Do not post any inappropriate content or images. Be thoughtful with your words as your words can be misinterpreted.

Business reviews must be genuine. We will remove any spammy or promotional reviews.

Respect people’s privacy.

Intellectual property usage. Do not use images from other people’s profiles to create your listing. Each listing should be unique, showing real pictures of you, your office or staff.


Are your business listings manually reviewed?

Yes, we review each listing personally.


What does IANS stand for?

Insurance Agent Nearby Services


What does IANM stand for?

Insurance Agent Near Me